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Ryanair have a new hand baggage policy. Shall we make a new bag?
Ryanair have just announced further restrictions to their hand baggage policy to go live from 1st November. Passengers will no longer be able to take a small suitcase on its planes for free, with charges of £8 for a checked-in 10kg case to be introduced. 

However, you will still be allowed to carry on a small bag, sized 40 x 20 x 25cm, to store under a seat in front free of charge. The packing optimisers among you will note that you can pack a lot in a 40 x 20 x 25 case, in fact, that’s a short trip’s worth of packing. So we were debating, shall we make a bag sized specifically for Ryanair? 

Let us know by filling in the voting form below! 

Our next bag launch is on you! 


Date: 11/2/2018
Robin A Lamb
I have never flown with Ryanair and frankly having seen the way that they treat their customers I have absolutely no intention of doing so. The decision is absolutely yours, but I should just wait to see how the cookie crumbles before you proceed. Irrespective as to whether or not this new policy is a success O’Leary will claim that it is with faster turn round etc but I really don’t think that you can depend on him for a truthful comment so it will ultimately revolve around how many of his competitors follow suit . Don’t proceed for the moment but be prepared to jump in if this new policy catches on with other airlines.

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