2000 - 2014

Having spent too many hours in airports waiting at baggage collection and having paid countless excess baggage fees I realised it was time to fight back... I set about designing the bag that would be the panacea for all who wanted travel hand-luggage-only. The initial idea was drawn on the back of an old boarding card while waiting to board at Gate 8 (no prizes for guessing where the name came from!), and in a few months GATE8 Ltd was formed. In the first year of business, while still not having turned the world of travel on its head, I was encouraged to receive the Best New Business award from the Federation of Small Business.

Boxes Gate 8

First GATE8 batch & first zip design.


2014 - 2015

I was determined GATE8 would follow in the footsteps of Amazon, Apple and Disney and would start a revolution from inside of a garage. So just when my wife thought she would be seeing less of me when I had the mad idea of starting a luggage business, there I was, smiling romantically at her from the garden every day! There is no need to say, she was utterly delighted to see the business experience growth, taking us from the back of the garden into our own office.

Gate8 QVC

One of our firts sales pitches was on QVC



Things were picking up. We knew we tapped into something as our phones were ringing off the hook and our email was flooded with questions and requests from frequent travellers. We listened, and so our range expanded from one innovative cabin bag to five and now included a clever set of travel accessories. As demand grew, our retail footprint expanded (even into the far reaches of South Korea and India), our team tripled in size and more awards followed - Best Travel Product from British Travel Goods & Accessories Association & Best Small Business from Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

Gate8 Awards



As GATE8’s reputation for designing high quality cabin bags grew, we began to attract numerous requests from airlines to help with their crew luggage. We are incredibly proud to have been invited by Etihad, easyJet, Oman Air and Titan Airways to work with them on their crew and pilot luggage. We never stop learning from both our airline partners and seasoned business travellers, applying lessons from both in the design of our luggage. 

Gate8 Easyjet

easyJet cabin range



We’re ambitious – our mission is to make every journey as hassle-free as possible – be it air, rail or road, business or leisure. We see a bright future of more happy passengers, airline crew and pilots. Come on board!

Alistair Callender, Chief Bag Carrier
Gate8 System