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FlyBe Hand Luggage Restricitions

At Gate8, we pride ourselves on the extensive compliance of our hand luggage with the carry-on specifications of major UK airlines, and with news of a change in the luggage allowance at Flybe, our reach is extending further than ever. 

Europe's largest regional airline has announced in the last few days that it will be increasing the dimensions of its allowance for hand luggage by 20 per cent, with immediate effect. The new limit set by the airline stands at 55x40x23cm, which is roomier than that of competitors Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and Fly Emirates, although falls short of the considerable capacity permitted by EasyJet and British Airways. 

The move appears to be a response to consumer feedback from those who felt that their travel needs were unfulfilled by the previous luggage capacity. Flybe's director of marketing commented: "We know that a lot of our passengers fly day returns or just stay overnight. They enjoy the convenience of hassle-free regional airports and this change will make travelling with hand baggage even easier". 

As executives' time becomes more valuable than ever, the days of baggage check-in appear to be numbered - it's all about carry-on.

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