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The tactics of queue manoeuvring at the gate have long been an integral part of the budget airline experience. However, in light of research into flier preferences, EasyJet plans to bring an end to the Speedy Boarding scramble with the introduction of seat allocations at check-in.


Abandoning the politics of the Speedy versus non-speedy boarders, by the end of November, all EasyJet flights will require passengers to be assigned seats. To recuperate profits from the lucrative Speedy Boarding initiative, the airline will add charges to those tickets with greater legroom preferences or those positioned at the front of the plane.


The turnaround throws into question the reasoning behind the former first-past-the-post system. Easyjet argues that seating allocation slows down boarding, extending turnaround times and so eroding profits and inconveniencing travellers. However, the airline has conducted recent studies into the two systems and found no difference in punctuality or traveller satisfaction.


Speedy Boarding may no longer be an option, but you can always improve your time with a convenient Gate-8 carry-on


Date: 11/15/2018
Beryl Bowen
I have just read that from this November you will no longer be able to buy Speedy Boarding.we have already booked flights for next March so will we get a refund or how is this going to work. What about boarding the plane? Does this mean that if you have for example seats 2A there will be no quarentee with walk on luggage

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