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Carry on BaggageGATE8 is a leading provider of innovative Cabin Size Carry On Luggage.

They are the only brand dedicated to providing solutions to those passengers looking to travel Hand Luggage Only. If you want to avoid Baggage Check-In and Baggage Collection then GATE8 will have a solution for you.

Each piece of carry on baggage produced by GATE8 has been made with ease of use in mind, ensuring that they offer the easiest travel bag solution without compromising on space and functionality. Their signature Two-into-One bag designs gives the traveler the option of splitting the bag into two upon entry into the Aircraft or arrival at their destination.

Every item in the carry on baggage range offered by GATE8 is an example of thoroughly thought out luggage that will work to transfer garments wrinkle-free, without hindering your mobility when boarding the plan or departing from the airport.

A major highlight of the GATE8 range is that each and every one of these bags is compliant with the major UK and American airlines' standards for carry on baggage. This means that you'll never have to worry about baggage check-in fees again, while carrying everything you need in these purpose-built cabin size bags.

The GATE8 carry on baggage designs allow them to deliver clothing that's as fresh and wrinkle-free as it was when you packed it, while keeping all of your gadgets and accessories readily available throughout your journey. One way GATE8 has ensured this is with their clever zip-off Laptop Bag, which can attach to your carry on baggage and enable you to keep working, whether you're on the plane or in the office.

The GATE8 range of carry on baggage can be seen HERE.