Quality Control: Our Testing Process


Your cabin bag will take a lot of rough treatment through its lifetime. You guys travel fast and want your luggage to be reliable and roll with the punch of ‘road warrior life’. 

We understand this, which is why we put each of our cabin bags through a series of punishing tests to make sure they are up to the job. We have the highest quality standards so we only release products that make the top grade. 


We know you will be running down steps for a train, plane or taxi at some point so we’ve designed a test that replicates that. The Step Test takes the bag over 2000 steps very harsh steps to ensure it can handle rough terrain. 

Dashing around the streets can take its toll on your luggage unless you own a GATE8. We run our bags on a bumpy travellator for 5 whole miles to ensure the wheels are fit for purpose. We check every batch off the production line before we approve them. 

To ensure GATE8 luggage is tough and durable, we have developed The Drop Test. This test puts every element through its paces from the handles to the wheels, to the materials. We run 1,000 drops in total. 

Everybody has over-packed a bag from time to time. You know how it is. You’ve just got to get those extra items crammed in so you lean on the bag and force the zip closed. Cheap zips break. Ours don’t. 

We have The Zip Test that puts our zips through their paces. Not only do we test the zips themselves but the materials and stitching around the zip. We open and closed our zips 2,000 times.