Five of the Worst: 2012 Travel Tips

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Here at Gate8, we hope to provide useful tips (and luggage!) to make your travel experience easy and cost-effective. As a New Year’s treat however, we have delved into some of the more questionable guidance on travel the internet has to offer…


Round the World Pants – A game–changer after the wardrobe staple ‘days of the week’ pants. Now, for just £70, a pack adorned with world destinations. Round the world stop-offs presumably have to be booked in accordance with the pants.


Next level concierges – An extravagance at the best of times, the concierge just got even more specialised. There was the ‘food truck concierge’ at New York's Thompson Hotels; the ‘sleep concierge’ at The Benjamin, also in NYC; the ‘art concierge’ at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto; and, best of all, the ‘horsierge’, to attend to guests' horse-related needs, such as buying jodphurs, at the Stafford London Hotel.


Dog-blogging – Written ‘by dogs, for dogs’, the travel blog set tails wagging as canine destinations became forum-worthy.


Marriot hotels cash in on Royal mania – While many establishments added a Royal element to their 2012 marketing strategies, among the more noteworthy was the Corgi Cocktail offered at Marriot hotels to any guests named Elizabeth.


Questionable Travel Product of 2012 – Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap. ’18 different uses in one’, encompasses toothpaste to nappy wash. All Fair Trade, of course.