On The Road Again: Another Stellar Review for Gate8

detachable zip-away laptop case

The praise just keeps pouring in for our innovative Tri-Fold Garment MATE  wheeled cabin bag - the latest review comes from Whichbudget.com, the travel search engine. The road-tester in question was the CEO of the site, (and frequent business traveller) Martino Matijevic.

Matijevic outlined the problems so recognisable to regular fliers, and for which Gate8 Luggage positions itself as a solution: "I am a frequent business traveller. But my problem is always how to pack. If I take my standard cabin-size luggage, I inevitably have to iron my shirts and my suit when I arrive at the hotel. And if I take the suit bag, I have to check it in."

The author had been recommended Gate8 by a friend, and was keen to give the new brand a go. He commented, "I checked out a few reviews, all were very positive. OK, let's try it."

Whichbudget.com's verdict was well correlated with past feedback for the bags - "This is a very clever piece of business luggage and of the highest quality...this is the first time I found a bag which fits every criteria business luggage should have."

The review favourably noted the unique features of the luggage: the zipaway laptop bag, and one hidden extra - "There was also one little clever add on, hidden in one of the zipped pockets: a detachable hook, so you can hang the case directly into your hotel wardrobe without having to unpack everything." 

A second opinion from a female colleague provided a complementary thumbs-up, and Gate8 continued its run of glowing critical reception. 

For the full article head on over to WhichBudget.com 

-GATE8 Press Team