You're Hired: Ten-Year-Old Flight Enthusiast Becomes Virgin's Air-prentice


Virgin Atlantic has landed upon a novel publicity stunt to promote its newly-refurbished fleet of 747s by appointing a ten-year-old to test and approve the aircraft.


Billy Yeomans from Chichester had collected air safety cards from planes all over the world when he entered Virgin’s competition to find a tester for its new 747s at Gatwick Airport.


The ‘junior approvals manager’, who intends to pursue a career in aviation, tested all the facilities on the jet, remarking: ‘I could've sat for hours watching movies and playing on the games, even the food was quite tasty although it doesn't beat my Mum's home cooking.’


While frequent flyers or business travel experts may have given a more authoritative appraisal, Sir Richard Branson explained that the aim of the publicity stunt was to convey the sense of ‘adventure and excitement’ of being in the sky. He is expecting a full report from Yeomans in due course. 


 - GATE8 Press Team