All Work and No Play: The Business Travel Survey’s Verdict

A study conducted by Wyndham Hotel Group has shed new light on the behaviour of UK business travellers, finding them to be more focused on the job while away than many of their counterparts from around the world.


The study chose metrics which would illuminate the work-life balance of the 5,600 respondents, a notable finding being that only 33 per cent of UK travellers take their families on a business trip, compared to around 52 per cent of US business travellers, and 67 per cent of Chinese business travellers.


In addition, UK businesspeople are the most reticent about exploiting their work trips for foreign holiday opportunities; 68 per cent were said to oppose the idea of extending a business trip for pleasure.


Overall, around 60 per cent of travellers like to visit the fitness centre of their hotel, while 50 per cent prefer to relax in the hotel spa during their business trips.


However, UK respondents were also the least enthusiastic about being away from home on business, with 38 per cent seeing them as an intrusion on their personal or family time.


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- GATE8 Press Team