Business Travellers May Get Border Control Fast-Track

New plans have been disclosed by the UK Border Agency which would see ‘priority passengers’, considered of high value to airlines, jumping the queue at airport security.


The move, which is said to be designed with a view to reducing the two-hour hold-ups seen through the summer, builds on the already-implemented fast-track for passengers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.


The Commons home affairs select committee pressed the head of the UK Border Force, Brian Moore, on the implications of the proposals for the super-wealthy. Moore responded that the fast-track is intended for ‘passengers valuable to the economy and valuable to airlines’, refusing to provide specifics on who would qualify.


The proposals are intended to ‘show that Britain is open for business’. Indeed, this comes in the wake of further changes to the immigration rules, which allow foreign residents the right to stay in Britain indefinitely if they agree to hold £5m in a UK bank account.


The plans are already proving controversial, with critics arguing that other travellers may have to endure similar queuing times as those lamented this summer.


‘It is an idea that is being pursued’, said Moore, ‘It will go to ministers for them to consider whether and how it is going to be progressed’.


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- GATE8 Press Team