Travel without leaving your sofa

Sitting at home (28 days and counting) needless to say has given us itchy feet, so we thought we would look at the best ways to get a travel fix without leaving the house. Here's our pick of 6.

1. Call from a bar in Namibia

GATE8 guide to traveling without leaving your sofa
Swap the white living room wall for something more exciting on your next Zoom call with our pick of backgrounds. We have a prize for the first person who can guess the 4 locations above :) 
Download backgrounds here
Instructions here. 

 2. Get cultural

This might be the best time to go see some theatre, with many cultural institutions around the world streaming shows for free. From Berlin to New York, check out today's program here.

3. Join a live safari drive

Travel without leaving your sofa - GATE8 Luggage
Slap on some sunscreen and join the daily tour here. Also some some pretty cool wildlife spotting options here

4. Spotify it

Travel is not just about seeing sights and having small bites with a glass of local wine. It is also about the background sounds in the bar, the hits blaring through the open window or the car radio. Sample the local vibe by listening to the national charts on Spotify.
In Spotify go to 'Browse' > Click 'Charts' >
Scroll down to 'Top 50 by Country' or 'Viral 50 by Country'

5. Get lost in translation

GATE8 guide to how to travel without leaving your sofa
Replicate that being lost/confused/what's happening now feeling by changing the language settings on your phone and browser. Go a step further by changing the location of your VPN.

6. Google it

The level of detail on some locations in Google Earth is astounding, and let's be honest, this might be as close as we get to seeing a lot of the locations in real life, lockdown or no lockdown.
Google Arts and Culture also do great virtual tours, and unlike real life tours, you can pause them for a tea break.