easyJet Travel Hacks

EasyJet is incredibly popular when it comes to flights - and for good reason. Their no-frills flights mean it can be really cheap to fly to wherever you need to go. The problem with “no frills” though is that you can come up against unexpected charges for things that might have been covered by your ticket price with other airlines. 

Here are our top hacks for getting the most of your EasyJet flight… 

1. Go ‘Hands Free’! 
Look into their “Hands Free” service in the checkin area. If you pay to check your luggage when you book your ticket it can be quite expensive, but the “Hands Free” service costs around £5 at the check-in point, and comes with priority handling to boot! As long as your luggage is within their Hand Luggage restrictions (56x45x25) you can usually pay at the desk to check it in and enjoy a luggage free journey through Security and Air Side – phew..but please remember, if you are carrying tech, then you may need to ensure this is insured if placed in the hold…We love this service, as it helps with smooth speedy boarding!

2. Priority Boarding Speed Hack 
If you are travelling with your family and the check-in queue is rather larger then you go to the priority boarding queue if you pay £5 to check one piece of hand luggage into the hold. Again. Your bag will be given priority treatment (first off) but you can also avoid the queue for the sake of a fiver! (Priority Boarding for one person is usually £15) 

3. Go shopping in the terminal. 
As a general rule they will allow your cabin bag plus a duty-free shopping bag onto the flight - so as long as your items are contained in a carrier bag from the airport, you can bring it into the cabin. This gives you a little extra space for those in-flight essentials if needed. 

4. Volunteer to check your luggage. 
On a busy flight EasyJet will often ask for volunteers to check their luggage at the gate as it won’t all fit in the hold. By volunteering to check your luggage you can avoid paying the usual charge to do so. Please ask if your items are insured if you do so and we advise you remove your tech and expensive items first. 

5. Always shop around when considering EasyJet extras! 
Once you have booked your flight you will as with all Airlines receive several emails offering you everything from car hire to insurance, all relevant to your onward travel. If you have time, investigate costs independently as you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere, but remember EasyJet have done their homework and can save you time by selecting their partner services. 

6. Use “Flexifares” to beat school holiday price hikes. 
Even the budget airlines put their prices up during school holidays, but EasyJet has the advantage of a “Flexifares” option which allows you to switch dates by a few weeks without paying extra. So if the flight you want is more expensive, you can look to book a cheaper one before or after, and then look to switch afterwards. 

Note: check the small print of Flexifares before doing this! At the time of writing they allow you to switch to one week earlier or 3 weeks later. 

7. Book early for the cheapest seats. 
EasyJet flight prices fluctuate based on demand, so they are likely to be cheaper when first put on sale. If you can time it right and book as soon as tickets are released for sale, you can grab yourself a real bargain. EasyJet’s Facebook page is a great place to find out when new tickets are being released, or you can sign up for their email newsletter to get an alert on the day tickets go live. 

8. Book with others where possible. 
Business travellers often fly alone, but each booking carries a £15 admin fee, regardless of how many people are flying. So if you are able to group together with others planning to take the same flight you can all book together and pay only one admin fee. 

9. Check in 30 days in advance and get a better seat! 
EasyJet allows you to check in 30 days before you fly, for free - and once you check in, you are allocated a seat. Of course, if you want a specific seat you will have to pay - but the earlier you check in, the more likely that you will be allocated a good seat on your flight. 

10. Remember you don’t have to pay to sit with your children on EasyJet flights. 
Most other budget airlines will charge parents around £15 each, per flight, to guarantee they are seated near their children. Easy Jet says it will seat parents next to children even if they don’t pay to reserve a seat. Make sure they are aware if you are travelling with children so that they can allocate you seats together. 

11. Bring your own food. 
Airline snacks are notoriously expensive - after all, in a plane in the sky they don’t exactly have competition for our custom! Bear in mind though that although liquids are restricted at security, food is not. Plus you can purchase food in the terminal which, while expensive, is still cheaper than what will be on offer once you take off. 

12. Join the boarding queue earlier. 
Storage space in plane cabins is in short supply, and if you board later you may find that you have to store your luggage in an overhead locker at the opposite end of the plane from where you are seated. This is not terribly convenient when it comes to disembarking. By being one of the first on, you can usually ensure your luggage stays near you throughout the flight. 

13. Thank you EasyJet - the hand luggage limit is on size but not weight
You may find that with a bit of clever packing, you can fit more than you thought in your hand luggage. As long as you are able to carry it yourself and it is within their strict size limits, you’ll be fine. We love EasyJet for this!! 

14. Book an extra legroom seat for extra luggage allowance. 
If you pay for extra legroom you are entitled to bring an extra bag into the cabin. This may work out cheaper than paying to check your luggage; costs vary per flight but it’s definitely worth taking a look. 

15. Wear clothes with pockets! 
EasyJet as with all Airlines wants to ensure they depart on-time to give you the best travel experience, therefore you may find that your luggage is checked for size allowance to ensure it fits and will not slow down the boarding process. We therefore have heard of some sneaky passengers carrying items of luggage about their person to reduce the size of their bags! Useful bits and bobs like charging cables, headphones etc can be stuffed into pockets, making for more space in your cabin bag. If you’re really looking to push the limits here, you could try wearing some extra clothes instead of packing them? 

Do you have any clever easyjet travel hacks that we’ve not listed here? Do let us know!
 - Matt, Bag Wingman