We are proud to announce that a new ‘road warrior’ has joined the GATE8 Ambassador crew. Ross Jennings A.K.A The First Piper is a Guinness World Record holder, Educational Speaker and World Traveller. He is on a quest to be the first person to play bagpipes in every country. Thus far, Ross has managed to play his pipes in over 50 countries. 

Ross will be travelling light and packing smart with his cabin-approved GATE8 Cabin MATE. He said it’s the perfect fit for his Bagpipes (which is a nice selling point for you closet pipers out there). 

As a seasoned traveller, Ross has legendary status when it comes to moving around the globe in the most efficient way. Hey, the guy carries bagpipes everywhere so he needs to travel light. 

You can check out his travel hacks and a very amusing story about an odd Taiwanese lady on his Ambassador page. 

We will be reporting on Ross’s exploits as he marches from country to country but you can also keep tabs on him via his website, his fabulous Facebook page, his ingenious Instagram feed or his tremendous Twitter updates. 
- Matt, Digital Wingman