Ten Tips for Travelling with One Bag


You’ve been there before  - the suitcase in one hand, the laptop bag and newspaper in the other, the smartphone balanced precariously between ear and shoulder. A voice rings out over the departure lounge: ‘last call for boarding’.


Beating the rush is all about smart thinking, forward planning, and of course, your choice of luggage.


1. Ask yourself if each item is really necessary. Travelling light is an art, take the time to become a pro.


2. Make the most of mini-toiletries. These gems can be amassed from hotels and refilled each trip. Beware of shampoo leakage incidents.


3. Know your destination. A scarf in the Tropics is like a pair of sunglasses in the UK - unnecessary.


4. Keep chargers to a minimum. Converters are bulky and difficult to pack; hotels may be able to provide them.


5. Be aware of trip length. If the trip is longer than a few days, you may consider doing what certain travel writers do: take only the essentials with you on the plane and ship everything else to your final destination.


6. Do away with paper. Working digitally allows forays into social media and is environmentally friendly.


7. Stock up on cash. Tipping is a necessity, and you can save on rummaging time of notes are on hand.


8. Dress for professional comfort. You need to be able to ‘live’ in your suit, should there be a delay.


9. Store socks inside shoes. A classic but a good one.


10. Choose the right bagGate8’s range of convenient carry-ons allow a smooth airport experience for the business traveller. Purchase online or in–store at Bentalls (Kingston), Fenwick (Brent Cross) or Buziness Class Luggage (City, London).