Start out as you mean to 'carry on'

Travel resolutions we mean to keep

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Single-use TSA-approved toiletry bags, water bottles and carrier bags create a tonne of waste and are entirely unnecessary given the reusable alternatives available on the market. Here are some options available on the market: water bottles, reusable TSA-approved toiletry bag (part of GATE8 Packer MATE set), packable shopper by Arket.

2. Swap a long-distance flight for a trip on a cargo ship

traveling on a cargo ship

Cut your emissions by a factor of 200 and explore stopover cities along the way and arrive feeling rested. Read more about one man’s experience here.

3. Stop booking evening flights. 

Evening flight delay
From our experience, there is a 50% chance the flight will be delayed. According to data compiled by FiveThirtyEight, delays accumulate, reaching their peak around 6pm with an average delay of 20 minutes.

4. Always unpack.

Unpacking GATE8 Garment MATE

Always unpack immediately; don’t live out of your case. Organise your room as if it were your home or office; this will help you to feel more comfortable and also trigger your brain to organise your thoughts and work efficiently.

6. Maintain your work routine. 

Be focused and strict with yourself about work. When working in an unfamiliar location it’s easy to allow yourself to be distracted by social media or sightseeing but if you need to work, eliminate distractions and get on with it as if you were in your office. Block out time for work though and don't over-do it. 

7. Take a break.

Be sure to take a break. When we travel we can often end up in a fight or flight response which means we’re fired up and full of energy but if you don’t take the time to relax you may end up burning out at the most inconvenient time. Make use of the hotel leisure facilities and be sure to take regular breaks. By doing so, you’ll be increasing your future productivity. 

8. Maintain exercise routine

Exercise hotel travel

Exercise is one of the things that can help us to build and maintain resilience and good health. Being away from home can easily disrupt a training routine, but do try to get out for a run or to use the hotel gym or pool and stay active. Get the blood flowing to keep your energy levels up and your brain functioning 100%.

 9. Avoid Priority Boarding fees 

The main reason for booking priority boarding or Ryanair or Wizz Air are the fact that you’re no longer allowed to bring a cabin bag. A workaround is packing everything in a 40x25x20cm carry-on which complies with the ‘small personal bag’ dimensions permitted free-of-charge. Our Flight MATE, with its compact dimensions and optimised layout, fits the bill perfectly.