September Round-Up

Best of the best in travel-related news, advice and trivia... 

 1. GATE8 emergency grab bag

What's in your emergency "grab bag"? 

Police Scotland has advised to prepare a rucksack for an unspecified yet imminent emergency. 
- The Guardian


Airline delays double in 5 years according to a Which? report

Airlines rated worst for punctuality

Which? report finds delays have doubled in 5 years
- The Guardian


Airline meals

From kitchen to 36,000 feet

How airline meals are prepared 
- Simple Flying


Travel types - which are you? The Financial Times, Frequent Flyer column

From Wanderbladder to Mr. IT department

Which travel type are you?
- Frequent Flyer, the Financial Times


Minimalist's guide to packing your cabin bag

A minimalist's guide to packing your bag

Whether you're flying for one week or a year
- The Minimalists


Digital nomad

Why Working from Anywhere should be the new Working from Home

The arguments for giving employees the freedom to work from wherever they want
- Harvard Business Review


The travel hacks that might ruin your trip

- The Washington Post