Ryanair Passenger runs across Madrid Runway

We all understand the frustrations when you are running late for your flight. Sometimes it's down to the traffic, sometimes it's down to the check-in desk queue (obviously not with us GATE8-ers) and other times it's because you spent too long munching in Pret A Manger. To help prevent missing your flight it's probably best to set your alarm to remind you to get to the gate before it closes.......otherwise, you'll end up like this chap. 
He was running late for his flight and was clearly left behind. We're not quite sure how he managed to get past the staff at the gate but he managed to go down the boarding gangway, jumped 10 feet onto the tarmac and proceeded to run after his Ryanair flight before being 'intercepted' by ground crew. Needless to say that he never made his flight or his business meeting. 
It pays to #avoidbaggagecheckin