GATE8 Tri-Fold gets Road Tested!!

We love a challenge at GATE8 and when Sarah Peters from the highly respected "Law & More" lifestyle company offerred to "Road Test" our Tri-Fold wheeled garment bag on a weekend trip to the lovely Oxfordshire countryside - how could we refuse!!

Not only on this trip would our robust luggage be exposed to the rigor of British train travel but it was also a great opportunity for a female business professional to road test our wheeled Garment MATE cabin bag (as we are sometimes seen as being too male-centric). We looked forward to Sarah's honest feedback and review…

Take it away Sarah…

"Sadly, I wasn't flying to an exotic or particularly glamorous destination when I tried out the "Tri-Fold" - I was taking the train to Oxford for a weekend break. The real test would be whether the bag could accommodate everything I needed for an overnight stay, and how portable it was. 

The main bag was big enough to fit some casual clothes, dress and jacket, heels and sponge bag, while the laptop bag comfortably housed my netbook and reading material. That said, had I been going away for a few nights, I probably would have needed an additional bag, given the vagaries of the British climate and the necessity of packing clothing and footwear for all weather. 

The "Tri-Fold" I tested was easy to manoeuvre, as it has wheels and an extendable handle. However, weighing in at 2.8kg when empty, it is heavier than many traditional cabin bags. 

Made from robust ballistic nylon with super-strong zips, the "Tri-Fold" is built to last - and it's backed by a five-year warranty. At £170, it is competitively priced given its build quality and design.  Most importantly, at just 22" x 13" x 3"/55cm x 32 cm x 7.5 cm, Gate8's "Tri-Fold" is compact enough to comply with all airlines' requirements for carry-on luggage, unlike many other tri-fold brands, meaning you won't be hit unexpectedly with excess luggage charges. 

The "Tri-Fold" is ideal for a one- or two-night break, especially if you are travelling by plane and have suits that need to remain crease-free. But for longer trips, you would be better off with a lightweight cabin bag - as long as it meets the airlines' hand baggage regulations, of course."