How to reduce stress when travelling

 Business travel can certainly take its toll on even the most seasoned road warriors. Endless meetings, lengthy discussions and boardroom sessions would wear anyone out. It's important to manage your stress when you travel so that you don't burn out. You want to bring your 'A game' to your next appointment and the last thing you want is to come home stressed out after a long day.
With the innovative Gate8 carry-on cabin bags, we strive to make your business travel as stress free as possible while giving you the tools to maintain your productivity. But, we thought how else can we help? So we've put together this foolproof guide to staying stress free when you travel. Follow our tips and arrive at your next meeting stress-free, full of energy and ready to deliver. 
1. Organise your time
Running against the clock is one sure way to bring stress to your trip. If you are taking a connecting flight make sure you get to the gate in plenty of time. Are you taking additional transport such as taxis or the train? Don't forget to allow additional time in your schedule. Always allow too much time and arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and prepared. 
2. Food for thought
On short haul flights an inflight meal is not always an option. And what is served up can leave even the hungriest jet setter feeling unsatisfied. Make time to eat a proper meal prior to your flight. Keeping your body properly fuelled is vital to keeping stress levels down. Pack some healthy snacks such as nuts, protein bars or dried fruit to keep your mind sharp all day long. Don't rely on fast food and convenience snacks while running from one place to the next. 
3. Stretch 
Sitting for hours on end in taxis, busy airports and in cramped airplane seats can wreak havoc on your circulation. Get up and stretch! You don't have to go into full yogi in the middle of the departures lounge; some light stretches will more than suffice. Pay particular attention to your legs and help reduce the risk of blood clots. Walk around, take some deep breaths and try to hold each stretch for 30 seconds. 
4. Keep it simple
Use the compartments in your carry on luggage wisely. Keep everything you are going to need on the flight easily accessible. Don't carry any unnecessary electronics or other equipment with you. Keep your kit simple and organised to avoid any unnecessary stress on the flight. You should be able to get what you need when you need it without having to sped time rooting through your bags or your suit pockets.
5. Remain calm
Remember, whatever problems you run into on your travels, it's rarely as bad as it might initially seem. Keep perspective, remain calm and breathe. Don't stretch yourself too thin and stress yourself out trying to do too much in one business trip. Keep your cool and remove stress from your business trips for once and for all
  - Matt (Bag Wingman)