TERRY the Tri-Fold Garment Bag heads to Paris for the Bank Holiday weekend

TERRY the GATE8 Tri-Fold Garment Bag fully packed heads to Paris for a lovely weekend with:

- 2 pairs of Trousers

- 3 Shirts

- spare pair of shoes

- Under garments, belt, socks

- Wash bag + ALL required toilettries

+ iPAD, mobile phone (+ ALL charges)


TERRY patiently awaits his train in the EuroStar Lounge.



TERRY takes his seat and sits back and relaxes all the way to Paris



TERRY arrives at the Hotel and checks out the bed! 



and slips into something more comfortable by Zipping Off his clever Laptop Bag.....and off we go to explore the City of romance leaving the crease free garments in the hotel - very CLEVER!!


And then shows off his CREASE FREE Garments



And then neatly puts himself out of the way with his clever hanger in the wardrobe



And then shows off his slender, athletic build against ALL the other BULKY wheeled luggage on the return trip


What a CLEVER, FAST and FRUSTRATION FREE piece of luggage :)



No wonder this 5 STAR Rated product is being used not only for 1-3 Day Business Trips but those looking for a speedy boarding and hassle free Leisure Trips.


Keep Calm & Carry (it) On