Our top picks from the Business Traveller Show

Last month we were at the Business Travel Show, a two-day exhibition attended by a huge number of companies that serve the business travel community. Although a lot of it was aimed at corporate travel booking, we came across a few companies that seemed of genuine value to the individual frequent traveller. 
Here are our top picks - 
YAPTA offers a free service that tracks and sends alerts of price drops on your booked flights, on some of which (like JetBlue, Delta, American Airlines, Virgin America…) you can claim a refund. Could save you a hefty sum of money in the long run, especially if you’re flying a lot to US. 
LUMO is a free app that sends you real-time flight delay predictions on any booked flight. The pro version (60 day free trial) allows you to view delay predictions of alternative routes. Good for those urgent business journeys.
VENUE DIRECTORY – a handy global directory of conference, exhibition and meeting venues. In the UK alone, it boasts 24,232 facility listings . 
ROAMING EXPERT – if you regularly travel outside of EU and are finding your roaming charges soaring, Roaming Expert offers tailor-made roaming packages that might save you money. 
STAYCITY (ApartHotels) – if you like the idea of staying with Airbnb, but don’t want the unpredictability and hassle that comes with it, we think StayCity is a good homely alternative. 
 What services / solutions do you rely on to make your travels more efficient, pleasant and stress-free?