Business Travel: A Way of Life?

You often don't have to look far to find a business traveller weary from the toils of the road, but is it really all work and no play? A new study from the market research company TNS finds that, contrary to frequent grumblings, the majority of business travellers take pleasure in their nomadic lifestyles.


The recent survey was intended as a probing investigation into the effect frequent professional travel has on executives' lives. It found that four out of five subjects felt that business travel made them more successful at work, with ninety-two per cent expressing satisfaction with how much they travel.

"We knew very little about the emotional state of frequent business travellers and were surprised how positive travel was for their lives," commented Shruti Buckley, vice president of the hotel chain behind the study, for a report in USA Today.

A key finding was that eighty per cent of travellers said that their extensive mileage had made them feel "more prepared for life", while the most enjoyable aspect of travel was found to be the experience of new places.

The findings weren't all positive, with half of respondents citing absence from their families as the major down-side. More than half also said that they work twice as much during periods of business travel.


 - GATE8 Press Team