Gifts for every travel type

The Sharp Dresser

Cramped seats and little baggage space are no excuse, this traveller will always arrive looking their best. 
GATE8 Garment MATE and Shirt MATE for crease-free travel

The Optimiser

This traveller is still looking for the 'one'. The perfect bag to take on every journey, business or leisure, on every airline, single or multiple bag policy, wheel or carry...
GATE8 Cabin MATE 3-in-1

The 'I can't decide' 

'The navy or the black? What if it rains? Is smart casual more smart than casual?' 
Save the indecisive traveller the struggle of choosing what to pack by gifting them the Crew MATE. At whopping 60 litres it will easily fit that yoga mat / extension cable / 4th pair of shoes, while still being compliant with easyJet's and BA's hand baggage policies. 
  GATE8 Crew MATE 60L Cabin Approved Luggage 

The Short-Haul Sprinter

Time is precious for this traveller. They have their bag pre-packed for their next trip, hate queueing and avoid baggage check-in at all costs. The Flight MATE is the perfect match for this road warrior. It is guaranteed to go on board every airline free-of-charge (yes, even Ryanair and Wizz Air), while still being large enough for a 2-3 day trip. 
GATE8 Flight MATE 

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