GATE8 Sport

If you ever find yourself at the airport, armed with your GATE8 Carry-On, you may find yourself strangely obsessed with those annoying Airline Baggage Gauges? 

As one excited traveler did on his recent City Break to Malaga, to the envy of ALL his other fellow travelers...who chose less compliant luggage!!

Armed with his Overnight Briefcase (with clever Zip-Away Laptop Bag) he easily negotiated the Monarch Baggage Gauge test (at check-in) and then found himself frantically running around the airport (with daughter riding the on the wheeled bag) searching out any other Baggage Gauge he could find!! 

Our GATE8 man managed to successfully test against EasyJet, RyamAir and Blue Jet, whilst dragging his daughter across the Airport - our luggage is very robust!!

This GATE8 Sport is fast becoming the obsession of all GATE8'ers - send us your photos of rare and obscure Baggage Gauges, complete with your GATE8 safely in and we may send you a prize!


GATE8 Press Team