Gate8 Launch: A New Era of Executive Travel

Convenience in the executive travel world just took a great step forward. Forget crumpled shirts and last-minute hotel ironing, forget the agony of the baggage claim queue - today marks the launch of Gate8 Luggage.


Designed with the needs of the modern executive traveller in mind, Gate8’s range eliminates the need for juggling garment and laptop bags, combining the travel requirements of the business professional into one sleek, functional unit.


With London airports handling 137 million passengers each year, a smooth and unencumbered travel experience is more important than ever. With its range of carry-ons and wheeled garment bags, not only does Gate8 cater for a diverse range of travel requirements, but it is set apart from the field by its revolutionary compliance with airline luggage specifications. The entire range falls within hand luggage dimensions, allowing the busy executive to conduct business throughout the flight.


In the business world, your time is valuable. With Gate8, you won’t lose a minute of it.