GATE8 Cabin MATE Bag Review

We jet off with the cabin friendly carry-on luggage that brings your office with you. Short term travel can always provide a bit of a headache. Business related trips will often require you to come equipped with the kind of attire than will make a solid impression, a requirement that can be somewhat hindered by the necessity of jamming laptops, tablets, chargers and various other peripherals in and around your best pressed shirts. 


GATE8's Cabin MATE cabin bag attempts to provide a tidy space saving solution, keeping your mobile office compartmentalised, and easily accessible. The luggage dimensions at 48cm x 38cm x 20cm comply with the limitations of the likes of EasyJet, Ryanair, Monarch and British Airways, with a telescopic extendable handle that allows you to easily pass through the cabins central aisle, it is a compact travel companion. 
The exterior of the bag is made from a ballistic strength nylon with a water repellent PU coating, offering great protection for your clothing held within the main garment storage space, which features garment compressing straps and zip netted pockets. Our experience was that upon reaching our destination, all of the clothing had survived crease free, eliminating the need for a travel iron.
Two features in particular that stood out to us when using the Cabin MATE, were the detachable office bag, and the easy access washbag. In a simple but affective piece of design, the washbag is fastened near the top end of the main bag, making it easily accessible in that otherwise inconvenient situation of having to extract all fluid containers when going through airport security. The washbag is completely transparent, which serves to shave more time off of the process. 
The detachable office bag has a convenient zip away function that separates a slim portion of the bag that contains sections designed for your laptop or tablet, mobile phones, passports and various other accessories. We found this to be very convenient, and a unique feature among other luggage bags we have come across. 
Overall the Cabin MATE is built for convenience, allowing you to take all of your essentials for a short trip in one compact luggage back, without the compromise of reaching for the travel iron upon arrival. Your mobile office equipment has all been catered for, offering well organised and protected space for each item in an easy access front facing compartment.
GATE8 Press Team