Are you ready for the Hands-Free boarding experience? easyJet hands-free explained

We like to think we've got our finger on the pulse so we want to keep you on top all developments that may affect the way you travel. And that includes the new easyJet hands-free service.

easyJet has recently rolled out its Hands-Free service that is designed to help you board faster, reduce your travel stress and arrive on time. The low-cost carrier now gives you the option to check-in your hand luggage at the Bag Drop desk so you can board without carrying or wheeling your cabin bag.

You simply pay £4 at the customer service desk, hand over your bag at the Bag Drop desk and you will be given a priority tag for your luggage. You can then use that tag to board at the front of the queue (after the priority boarding customers) and your bag will be prioritised to arrive on the conveyer belt first at the other end.

Whilst this service does not offer the complete walk-on/walk-off experience, we applaud easyJet for trying to make air travel easier and more efficient for its customers.

Of course, if you do choose to use easyJet hands-free service and have a GATE8 bag, you can still keep your tech and essentials with you by unzipping the front laptop bag. This feature is available on the complete GATE8 cabin bag rangeand means your items are fully-insured throughout your journey.

Although easyJet has taken the first step towards 'hands-free' travel, we are aware that other airlines are looking at implementing the service too, so be prepared for this to be a standard service.

Rest assured, your GATE8 bag is fully cabin-approved but it is also built for hands-free boarding should you choose that travel option.

For your reference, here is the exact wording from the easyJet website regarding their hands-free service.

Enjoy the freedom of no cabin bag in the airport.

Hands Free - hassle free!


  • Drop off your cabin bag at our Bag Drop desks when you arrive at the airport where your cabin bag will be tagged as priority and will be looked after through to the arrival airport.
  • Maximum bag size (length + width + height) = 56cm x 45cm x 25 cm, including handles and wheels.
  • Prices: £4 per person each way/ £10 for a group bundle each way. We take card payments at our Bag Drop desks. Any cash payments are processed at our Customer Service desk.
  • You can carry a small under the seat laptop or hand bag on board with you.
  • Duty free items purchased in the airport can be taken on board.
  • A small plastic bag will be given to you at Bag Drop to place any valuable & essential items for your flight.
  • Pass through security without having to unpack your bag or be restricted on the amount of liquids.
  • At the Boarding gate, there is no rush to board to find a space for your cabin bag however you can board first after Speedy Boarding by presenting your Hands-Free tag to our ground crew.
  • At Arrivals, your bag will be among the first to be delivered the baggage belt.

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