Mistaken Identity Leads Handyman to Cash Executive Paycheck

Executive pay is controversial at the best of times, but a blunder at Kent County Council, revealed in today’s Telegraph, has turned the debate on its head.


Council payroll staff accidentally deposited tens of thousands of pounds into the account of a maintenance worker who shared his name with council executive Paul Carter.


The mistake, in which a member of staff had entered the details of the Aylesford commercial services depot worker in lieu of those of their chief executive, left their employer £21,000 worse-off. The original Paul Carter reported that, "My secretary and my own office suggested to me that I needed to rein back on expenditure.”


Carter the handyman lost no time in capitalising on his good fortune. A council spokesperson said, "Unfortunately Mr Carter left the country and we have been unable to trace him.”


The 54-year-old man is believed to be in Eastern Europe.


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