Sky High Costs of Business Travel

Today marks another rise in the cost of doing business, with the release of figures by American Express Global Business Travel indicating that corporate travel expenses are higher than ever. 


The research showed a 6 per cent jump in the price of average domestic airfares from Q1 of 2011 to 2012, and a 1 per cent rise in international hotel rates.


According to Christa Manning, director of the research, 'Prices rose in the first quarter as companies put travellers on the road to jumpstart 2012 business goals while supply remained relatively tight'.


The trend means that firms must rely more heavily on innovative ways of cutting costs:


1. Book in advance - Rates are lower and bookings more flexible.


2. Use a preferred airline consistently - Premier upgrades and deals are more likely with loyalty.


3. Do your homework - Discover hidden costs before you leave the office.


4. Think about your luggage - Why not try a Gate8 Carry-On Tri-Fold?


Time, as well as travel, is expensive in the business world. Don't lose a minute of it with Gate8.