Blagging a First-Class Upgrade: The Guide

Blagging a First-Class Upgrade: The Guide

The old “we’re on our honeymoon” line may not be the golden ticket to free champagne and extra legroom it once was, but even in the era of the shrewd flight attendant, there are still a number of ways to bump up to First for free (no success guaranteed).


1. Frequent Fliers clubs – Not just for cost-cutting, the accumulation of membership points is an indicator that you are a loyal and regular customer. Sign up and let the perks roll in.


2. Present yourself as a figure of authority - Got a title? Be it Dr or Reverend, stick it on the forms. Can’t hurt your chances.


3. Arrive with time to spare – Many a cunning wannabe upgrader will be positioned at the front of the queue for any elusive offers. Don’t let them beat you to it.


4. Be single – Upgrade offers don’t often come in family-friendly packages.


5. Dress smartly – See point #2.


6. Get your chat on – Wangling an upgrade can be a lot smoother with a little charm. Approach bored-looking staff with a smile and preferably the gift of the gab. Sympathy votes may also produce desired effects – consider investing in a sling for added effect.


7. Be famous – Not always a practical solution. Can be faked with sunglasses and supreme confidence.  


GATE8 Press Team