The Best of the Rest - Gate8's Favourite Travel Blogs

The charming anecdotes and hot-off-the-press travel news of Gate8's blog should be ample fodder for the browsing business traveller, but should departure lounge boredom lead you to search further into the travel blogosphere, here are a few of our personal recommendations.

1. The Cranky Flier - One of the nerdier bloggers on the web, Brett Snyder fills any time he isn't actually working in the airline industry posting a tirade of hilarious complaints about it online. His love of moaning about airlines is articulated with passion - "Holy shnikes!" is a fairly standard exclamation. Putting his money where his mouth is, Snyder has even set up a service called 'Cranky Concierge' to facilitate the complaining process. 

2. In Flight HQ - A little more high-brow, this business travel commentator has no time to waste on in-flight relaxation, let alone on blog post jokes (he might have more time on his hands with a Gate8 carry-on). The hyper-efficient but highly informative blog guides business travellers through the art of the in-flight office. One for workaholics.

3. Grid Skipper - Moderately edgy but super informative, this guide to the cities of the world is fresher and more inspiring than the staple Lonely Planet blurb. With an extensive team of writers and editors, the extent of niche local knowledge is impressive - see 'Albuquerque's Best Green Chile Cheeseburgers'.

4. The Cool Hunter - Not one for modesty, this is the self-proclaimed guide to being a cool traveller. Nevertheless, its penchant for finding fabulous hotels in unexpected places is enough for us to get over the fact that the writers may be (just a bit) cooler than us.


GATE8 Press Team