Ballistic Nylon?

1680d Ballistic Nylon GATE8 Luggage

Have you ever wondered what was meant by 'ballistic nylon' and how it was different to the run-of-the-mill nylon?

Originally developed by DuPont during World War II, the material's intended purpose was protecting aircraft personnel from shrapnel and bullets (hence the name). Eventually it showed to be insufficient in protecting against ballistic impact, however, the material's tough properties proved to have valuable commercial applications, especially in manufacturing products that sustained a lot of abrasion and impact. 


ballistic - /bəˈlɪstɪk/ - adjective
1. relating to projectiles or their flight.
2. moving under the force of gravity only.

Ballistic Nylon GATE8 Luggage

The material’s defining feature is the 2x2 'ballistic weave', which is particularly tight and dense, maximising the material's durability and tear-resistance. The fabric is also made using high-denier thread (typically above 1000d), further strengthening its properties of water, stain and abrasion resistance. 

At GATE8 it was important for us to design luggage that could withstand frequent use. Thus we chose the highest density 1680 denier ballistic nylon as the main material in our luggage, with the additional protection of our 5 year warranty. So wherever the road takes you, you needn't worry about having to replace your bag for years to come.