Airlines urge review as air passenger duty rises by 8%

To travel on a plane, you pay income tax on your original earnings, you pay VAT, you pay fuel duty, airport tax, tax on transport to the airport, tax for a hotel at the airport, tax on the food you eat while you wait for your flight, the flight crew are all taxed too ... and so on. we at GATE8 wonder just how much actual tax of one kind or another is collected, simply for one flight? 

Could it get any worse?? Sorry, yes it of today you pay even MORE Air Passenger Duty ....yes that's right, as air passenger duty rises by 8% today..and this is NOT an April Fools Joke....

Is there any good news??? The good news is with GATE8 you can avoid any Baggage Check-In that could save you over £70 per fact we have calculated that you only need to use a GATE8 three times and it has PAID for itself by fee avoidance, now that is something to smile about..

GATE8 Press Team