6 Healthy Business Travel Snacks to keep your brain functioning


Whatever your method of travel, plane, train or car, it often feels like there's an unwritten rule which states healthy snacks should be as difficult to find as possible. Airport lounges and motorway service stations are often awash with fast food or unhealthy snacks, which are not great for keeping the business brain functioning.
Here is a list of some great healthy snacks for when you're in transit. You may need to pack them in your GATE8 before you leave the home but believe us, they will make sure you stay fit and healthy. 
1. Fresh fruit
Nature's finest snack food, bar none. Choose your fruit carefully when travelling though. Soft fruits may not make the best travelling companions as they have to be packaged in a solid, air tight container and don't take kindly to being left overnight in a hot car. There's also the problem of disposing of peels and cores. But they're great for keeping your energy up and are healthy and low calorie too. We recommend blueberries, grapes and cherries. 
2. Nuts/seeds
These make a great travel companion. You can store them for ages and their taste won't be affected. Whatever the weather or packaging they won't be ruined by rough handling. Pack them in individual servings so you don't go mad and over-consume (it's very easy to do). 
In their natural state they're packed with healthy fats, protein and vitamins. Stay away from the salted and flavoured varieties as these are loaded with added sugar, salt and fats. Almonds are always the best option. 
3. Protein bars
There are lots of protein bars on the market these days, and many are great for keeping hunger at bay and providing slow releasing energy. Watch out for the ingredients as manufacturers aren't renowned for keeping their ingredients natural, and can get heavy with the added sugar or palm oil. Choose your brand carefully though and you've got yourself a great travel snack.
4. Flapjacks
Usually made from oats and a mixture of dried fruit and nuts, these are a great slow energy-releasing snack. Take care when buying these pre-packaged as they can often contain huge amounts of sugar and may look healthy, but that can be deceptive. 
5. Dried fruit
Perfect for dividing into individual portions, they won't go off, and they won't leak into your bag. No pesky peels or seeds to dispose as is the case with fresh fruit. We're firm favourites of raisins, banana and cranberries. Great for a pick-me-up.
6. Water
Not technically a snack, and flyers be aware airport rules about liquids, but nothing can beat the effects of hydration on the brain to keep it alert and functioning. If you're feeling sluggish, drinking water regularly can make a big difference to your attention span.
Having a health snack that's high in protein and releases energy slowly can help you to avoid the effects of jetlag. Choose your snack wisely, always carry water with you and you should be able to keep alert for the duration of your journey.