5 FREE Apps to find your 'perfect match' on your business travels

February is going to be a hectic month with work, travel, romance, Netflix…… and we want you to take it easy. Here are 5 FREE must-have smartphone apps to help you find your perfect match (in one way or another). 
Why stay in a stale city hotel room when you can rent a plush penthouse overlooking the harbor or park?
Air B&B gives you access to rent some stunning properties all over the world for one night at a time. You will be spoiled for choice! 
Many people get itchy feet around February time. January is out of the way and it’s time to take charge and push the envelope of your career. LinkedIn’s app lets you connect with possible suitors, find more work buddies and even create a community of followers for yourself as an opinion leader.
It’s the business!
When you’ve been stood up or need to get that meeting with lightening speed, Uber can be a total saviour. The app uses GPS to find the nearest cab to your location and you can get a quote before your jump in which means you won’t be stung by unexpected charges when you get out.    
Uber operates in 58 countries and over 300 cities. 
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There’s nothing more painstaking than having to wade through a ton of receipts at the end of each month so you can claim back your expenses. Expenses can often run into the thousands and you will find yourself out of pocket if you lose your receipts. 
Expensify is a clever app that lets you log everything via your smartphone. You take a picture, it gets filed, job done. At the end of the month, you get a detailed report you can send to your finance team. 
Skype has been around for a few years now but you can’t argue with the quality of voice calls. We’ve used it on many occasions when our phone signal was poor but wifi was available in abundance.
VOIP calls are also free so you won’t go burning through your minutes. You can Group Call and Video Call if you are on Android and don’t have Facetime.