Banned on board: 10 surprising items not allowed in your hand luggage

We all know the benefits of flying with hand luggage only. Checking in takes half the time, security is a breeze and the peace of mind of having everything you might need with you is priceless. But what exactly can, and more importantly can you not bring with you in your hand luggage? We've taken a closer look at the rules in place and have made some interesting and quite frankly bizarre discoveries. For example did you know you can carry skydiving equipment on board with you? Get to your meeting in double time by parachuting in! 

Everyone knows about the restrictions in place on liquids in your hand luggage and common sense dictates your sword collection is best checked through. However, there are some items that are not allowed in your carry-on bag that might surprise you. Here we take a look at some of these unsuspecting items you might have overlooked and save you any unnecessary embarrassment when boarding your next flight. You don't want to get caught out trying to get your throwing stars on the flight. 
1. Multiple cigarette lighters 
It seems obvious that you would not be allowed to bring a cigarette lighter on an aircraft. Surprisingly, however you can bring your lighter on board as long as it is kept on your person throughout the flight. However, one is the limit. The laws say you can take a lighter on the pane. But no more than one. So, if you are travelling with a lighter, just make sure it's one lighter and you're all set otherwise you might have some explaining to do to the security officials. 
2. Soup 
We can confirm, the 100ml rule applies to all liquids, including soup, jam, gravy and yogurt. If you're bringing your own snacks on board best to stick to solid foods. Visiting sick relatives? Consider making the chicken soup up fresh when you arrive rather than causing a scene at security. And whatever you do refrain from bonding with your fellow passengers over your homemade salsa, it's also banned. The same rules apply for cream, milk, sunscreen and mascara. Don't get caught out, consider all your liquids. 
3. Medicine 
Speaking of liquids, the same rules apply to medicine. If you absolutely must have more than 100ml of your medicine for the duration of the flight be sure and contact the airport to let them know. They will advise you on what to do. Otherwise pour 100ml into a separate container and stow the rest. 
4. Fishing Rods 
Off on office fishing trips to bond with your team while you enjoy the peace of the countryside? Well, you had better check in your fishing rods into the hold, and your harpoons too for that matter. Fishing equipment is not allowed in the cabin, no exceptions. Guess you'll have to wait to practice your casting stroke until you land. 
5. Badminton Racquets 
You've been killing it at Wednesday night badminton; you've been pushing through the ranks, winning week after week. We get it. And we understand that you have to keep your rigorous training regime up while you're away if you're going to maintain top position. Well, unfortunately you'll have to put your racquets in the hold since the authorities don't allow sporting equipment in the cabin, the same goes for baseball bats, crickets bats, pool cues and ski poles. All is not lost however, since rollerblades are permitted inside the cabin, a few laps skating around the cabin should keep you in tiptop shape through your flight. 
6. Tent Pegs
Is the annual company camping trip coming up? When getting the tents ready for flight, make sure you check the tent pegs through. If you try to carry your tent pegs onto the aircraft, they'll be taken from you by security and that's going to lead to problems when you go to pitch your tent. Don't start your camping trip being the guy who had the tent pegs confiscated, that's a certain way to lose points with, well, everyone! Tent poles can be carried onboard though; now where's the sense in that? 
7. Flares 
Just in case you weren't sure, flares are banned in your carry on luggage (No, not the trouser kind, they are fine). And there really are no exceptions as the rules state signal flares in any form are outlawed and we wouldn't go messing around with them on this one. Flared jeans are perfectly ok however, they are the only flares that there is an exception in place for. Flares should always be worn at your own risk. 
8. Tools 
There's nothing worse than when the seats creak and moan with every movement for your entire flight. Nothing is more irritating. However, fight the urge to bring your screwdriver to fix the problem yourself. Wrenches, saws, spanners and drills are also banned from your carry on luggage. Oddly if your screwdriver is under seven inches it will be allowed on board. Go figure! You can put your bigger screwdrivers, pliers and saws alongside your cattle prods and crowbars in the hold. 
9. Hair dye 
If you couldn't make the time to get to the salon before departure, you will have to wait until you get there. Hair dye containing peroxide is not allowed in your carry on bags. Then again, the airplane bathroom is probably not the ideal place for creating 'the new you'. Just look forward to a trip to a day of pampering when you arrive. 
10. More than a litre of anything 
Airline regulations state that containers must be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre measures approximately 20cm x 20cm.' You can't split litres upon litres of liquid into smaller bottles to get around the rules. The rules are the rules on this one we're afraid, there's no getting around security on this issue. 
Next time you're packing your carry on luggage make sure you keep these items out of your bag. And always be sure to pay close attention to the liquid rules on all flights. Packing your carry on luggage the right way will save you time and unnecessary hassle during check in. Make your airport check in as straight forward as possible by packing your carry on bag the right way.