Pat Danis

1. Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Overextended traveling professional 
2. What is your job title and role? 
Captain, Professional Airline Pilot for an International carrier 
3. How many times per year do you travel and is it predominantly long or short haul? 
60-70 3 day trips, relatively short haul 
4. What is your favourite business destination and why? 
Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The air is clean and the views and fabulous 
5. What are your favourite travel companions, gadgets and accessories? 
My iPad is indispensable for staying in touch along with my Anker brand Dual USB wall charger 
6. What are your business travel ‘pet hates’? 
I am constantly frustrated by travellers who have no idea of the people around them. This results in blocked halls, entrances, walkways etc. 
7. What is your funniest business travel experience? 
I cannot recall a particular incident or episode that I would consider"Funny". Most of my experiences tend to be sources of frustration while I attempt to problem solve the seemingly numerous issues that arise while I am travelling. 
8. How do you stay sane, organised and relaxed when you are away from home? 
Every evening after arriving at my destination, I find that 10 minutes of stretching, along with music from my iPad help to wash away a lot of the stress from the day. I usually will join my travel companions in the hotel bar for a drink to talk about anything but the day's activities. Some of them have interesting hobbies or activities outside of work that I never would have suspected them of doing. 
9. If you could change one thing about business travel, what would it be? 
I would make the leg room on all aircraft 3 inches more. Barring that, I would make the waiting areas in airports have better wifi and electrical outlets. 
10. Do you have any packing rules / tips? 
My best packing tip is to pack your suitcase the same way, every time. Go through a mental list of everything that you need. While I wear the same sort of clothes every trip, it is frustrating to arrive at a destination to find I left all my clean socks at home. I have a little litany of clothing items I check off verbally to ensure I have all that I need. I also pre-pack my suitcase the night before so that I am not rushed when Packing my bag. 
11. What is your best piece of travel advice? 
Buy a noise cancelling headset to keep irritating noises to a minimum while flying. It also serves as a deterrent to seat-mates who feel as though they have to share their life stories with you.