Nieves Rodríguez

1. Describe yourself in 3 words. 
2. What is your job title and role?
Country Manager Uk & I Aeromexico. 
3. How many times per year do you travel and is it predominantly long or short haul? 
Both. 12 Short haul flights and 20 long haul.
4. What is your favourite business destination and why? 
I actually enjoy going to Mexico as it has a great weather, great food and great people! 
5. What are your favourite travel companions, gadgets and accessories? 
I love hand bags that have all the necessary pockets to keep all what you need and they have a strap to put it on the carry on bag handle so when you run through the airport it does not fall!. Charges with multiple usb to make things complex. Carry on bags are very important: 5 wheels, pocket outside for laptop& notebook ( you find it of soft cases but not on hard cases. Why don’t you create one? ) And third, a nice toiletries bag with compartments again so everything is organized. 
6. What are your business travel ‘pet hates’? 
Taking laptop and toiletries out when you go through passport control. Perhaps you can create one transparent laptop and toiletry bag with a hitch so you have it out of you carry on until you go through passport control. 
7. What is your funniest business travel experience? 
When we go to Global conferences and there are team building exercises. Last one was in Mexico City and during 4 hours we had a treasure hunt. 
8. How do you stay sane, organised and relaxed when you are away from home? 
I love to read self development books and during the flight I manage to work a lot without interruptions so actually I take advantage of the long haul flights to do a bit of strategy thinking. 
9. If you could change one thing about business travel, what would it be? 
Dress attire sometimes is a headache  
10. Do you have any packing rules / tips? 
I roll out everything so it does not wrinkle and you can put much more things in you luggage 
11. What is your best piece of travel advice? 
Always plan your arrival at the airport with plenty of time and do not take short connections. Luggage tag always inside your way to ensure it does not fall and if lost they always open it so they will find how to contact you!