Lara Morgan

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Determined Fair Seller
2. What is your job title and role?
Jack of many trades, CEO of some, Chair of others, I find titles mostly irrelevant it is people that count 
3. How many times per year do you travel and is it predominantly long or short haul? 
Nearly every day of the year I travel somewhere but about 80% of the year I travel with packed kit 
4. What is your favourite business destination and why?
Home, I work from there sometimes and it often means the end of a week running round 
5. What are your favourite travel companions, gadgets and accessories?
Scentered, the fragrances Sleep Well and Focus keep me going. A cashmere wrap in orange for covering up and keeping warm and toothpaste. I do not do gadgets much. 
6. What are your business travel ‘pet hates’?
Poorly communicated delays, the in the air roundabout at Heathrow and arrogant pushy road warriors whom take little consideration of others. 
7. What is your funniest business travel experience?
The riot passengers started when in Mumbia airport because they wanted to have the pilot change his mind despite having just announced that the plane engine was not working.  The irrational approach over-tiered people take astounds me. 
Another is in Dubai I was so well known by Starbucks staff they would see me coming towards them and start making my drink of choice. 
8. How do you stay sane, organised and relaxed when you are away from home? 
I nest like lots of road warriors, I have a system, a method, a place for things, a functional way of being organised and I stick to it. Always take reading stuff on planes as it is a great time to catch up without interruption. Mentally I think as I travel I simply get into my “Travel miniset” and choose to let all the petty little things bother me. I also drink loads of water. I love my toiletries pouch pre-packed in my Gate8 bag as it cuts out hassle. 
9. If you could change one thing about business travel, what would it be?
The need for planes – I would rather be beamed up. 
10. Do you have any packing rules / tips?
Pack less, pack black trousers always, pack flat as possible to fit stuff, tuck socks into shoes, don't be deluded about needing a massive wardrobe, it’s rarely used.
11. What is your best piece of travel advice?
Use Gate8 luggage – I am a delighted investor, love the functionality, enjoy the evolution of this fantastic problem solving company with an attitude to make travel better and I like being in the front of the taxi queue walking briskly past the baggage carousel waiting crowd.