Julian Edmunds

1. Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Honest, Fun & Overweight!
2. What is your job title and role? 
Managing Director, Coastal Aviation, Tanzania. Running the largest airline in Tanzania (in terms of numbers of planes) I am also a Pilot
3. How many times per year do you travel and is it predominantly long or short haul?  
Every week. I commute from Arusha in Northern Tanzania, where I live with my Wife and Daughter at weekends to Dar es Salaam, where I am based during the week days. I also travel about 5 times a year on long a d short haul trips outside of Tanzania
4. What is your favourite business destination and why? 
Johannesburg - my most frequent and I know it so well
5. What are your favourite travel companions, gadgets and accessories?. 
I must have my iPad mini (about to be upgraded to the iPad Pro 9.7, my Aukey 3 x USB charger with Fast Charge for my Samsung phone.a Spare Battery for my Samsung Note 4 Dual Sim and my laptop.
6. What are your business travel ‘pet hates’? 
Poor service at airports. Airlines who say you have to be there 3 hours before and then don't open the check-in until 2 hours before! Inconsistent airport security.
7. What is your funniest business travel experience?
Arriving at Sao Paolo airport at 0330 for a flight to Buenos Aires, I could not see my flight on the departure board...so I double checked my ticket and noticed the departure time was 05:30p (I had bought the ticket from a US travel agent who do not use the 24 hour clock) I was 14 hours early!! Luckily, the airline saw the funny side and put me on the next available flight and I had an extra 12 ours in BA!
8.  How do you stay sane, organised and relaxed when you are away from home? 
The main thing is to be organised, so that I know what I am doing, where I am going, where I can get laundry done etc. Also keeping in touch with home, gives me a sense of reality. As an airline we work 365 days of the year, so sometimes it is hard to know what day it is!  
9. If you could change one thing about business travel, what would it be? 
Fly with reliable carriers. The best price is not always the best option. 
10. Do you have any packing rules / tips? 
Eek out as much space as possible. Plan your trip so that you know exactly what clothes you will need and when. Get comfortable shoes that are easy to clean, so that you can use them for all occasions. Put your medication in your hand luggage!
11. What is your best piece of travel advice? 
Arrive at the airport early...you can then rest and do some last minute work in comfort and in a relaxed state.