Ian Sampson

1. Describe yourself in 3 words: Working too hard. 
2. What is your job title and role? 
Snr Director of Sales Engineering EMEA. My role is to manage and lead the team of Sales Engineering professionals in a US startup. We deliver software solutions to Internet Service Providers to address security and control of the internet.
3. How many times per year do you travel and is it predominantly long or short haul? 
Too many. I travel on average short haul once a week and long haul 4 times a year. I have just completed a 2 week trip to Silicon Valley.
4. What is your favourite business destination and why? 
San Francisco. Our office is in the valley but the city is brilliant.
The people are friendly. The architecture is amazing. The weather can be like home.
Getting out of the city and into the countryside can be very rewarding given the massive differences you can find in such a small area.
5. What are your favourite travel companions, gadgets and accessories? 
1. iPad, you can read on it work on it, watch a movie on it. 
2. Noise Cancelling headphones. No wants to hear other people on an aircraft
3. My various gate8 gear based on my travel needs.
6. What are your business travel ‘pet hates’? 
People that are not ready for security at an airport.
7. What is your funniest business travel experience? 
Meeting some seriously insane people in California. It’s a very long story and not one for publication.
8. How do you stay sane, organised and relaxed when you are away from home? 
Call home. Speak to someone you care about.
9. If you could change one thing about business travel, what would it be? 
Unified power socket across the world. I hate having to carry adapters that take up so much space.
10. Do you have any packing rules / tips? 
Get everything ready and then rationalise the items. Think what you don’t need instead of what you do need.
11. What is your best piece of travel advice? 
Never run through airports. This means you didn’t plan the length of the meeting, the travel time to the airport and the time needed at security. Running through an airport causes stress which you don’t need. Plan ahead.