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Beat the January Blues - 20% off Spin MATE Blue
GATE8 Crew |
Add a bit of colour to your travel uniform this new year - the Spin MATE Blue is 20% off until the beginning of February.
5 ways to de-stress as an entrepreneur in 2019
Christina Richardson |
A staggering 79% of UK SME business-owners feel lonely running their business according to a recent study on pressure and wellbeing for entrepreneurs. This worsens to 82% for sole-founded businesses and sole-traders. As a result, 71% are reporting frequent sleep issues, and the lack of emotional support as a business owner is leaving 4 out of 5 feeling overwhelmed. Is it any wonder then, that we’re desperate to find ways to make running a business less stressful?
We've got your back
GATE8 Luggage |
We know frequent travel can have a negative impact on your back and your posture, which is why we asked Lorna Taylor, a Chartered Physiotherapist to review our Spin MATE. Read the good (and the bad) below!
Ryanair have a new hand baggage policy. Shall we make a new bag?
Ryanair have just announced further restrictions to their hand baggage policy to go live from 1st November. Passengers will no longer be able to take a small suitcase on its planes for free, with charges of £8 for a checked-in 10kg case to be introduced. So we were thinking, shall we launch a new bag?
Stay productive even when you feel exhausted - 6 travel biohacks from Papillon Luck
Papillon Luck | News
I’m sitting at Stansted airport waiting to board a flight to travel to a conference to deliver a pitch tomorrow. You can picture the scene (I’m sure you’ve been there), I’m half concentrating on finishing the slide deck (should have been done weeks ago) whilst keeping one eye on the departure board. I’m full of adrenalin and anxiety in anticipation of the pitch. The journey hasn’t even started and I’m already mentally exhausted.
GATE8’s Chief Bag Carrier, Alistair Callender recently attended the IATA Cabin Operations Safety Conference 2018 -  Bangkok Thailand
Alistair Callender | News
Meeting Airlines from all over the World and having an opportunity to show case our unique range of Cabin bags and Crew Accessories in one conference was a huge appeal for GATE8 in investing in the event sponsorship, travel and attending and we were not disappointed.
Pilot Tim Taylor with ultimate packing tips, on jet lag and how to get to know a new city in 3 hours
Ugne | News
As part of our Frequent Traveller series we interviewed Tim Taylor, a pilot at a global private aviation company, who has also flown with British Airways and Virgin. His broad experience, the huge range of destinations he has flown to and his obvious passion for travel means he has a tonne to share. Here’s our chat with him.
Frequent traveller interview with The First Piper - Ross Jennings
Ugne |

We are kicking off our Frequent Traveller series with an interview with Ross OC Jennings – The First Piper. He has been travelling the last 4 years in order to become the first bagpipe player to play in every country in the world. We interviewed him while he was in Malawi – his 77th country. Brimming with enthusiasm for travel, and with a tonne of experiences and tips to share - here is our conversation with him. 

Our top picks from the Business Traveller Show
Ugne | News
Last month we were at the Business Travel Show, a two-day exhibition attended by a huge number of companies that serve the business travel community. Although a lot of it was aimed at corporate travel booking, we came across a few companies that seemed of genuine value to the individual frequent traveller. Here are our top picks -
Practical tips for long-distance relationships
Ugne |
It's Valentine's day around the corner, so we thought we would cover long-distance relationships. Many of us won't be able to spend the day with our loved ones, but there are practical tips that can make a year or a week apart from your loved ones easier. Here's our list!
7 easy tips for staying fit and healthy whilst traveling for business
Federica Rondini |

Staying in shape whilst travelling for business can be tough. Your routine is disrupted, and this can lead to you neglecting your health and fitness. Hours spent on planes, hectic schedules and long days can all place stress on your mind and body, impacting your wellbeing. Here’s seven top tops for staying fit and healthy whilst travelling for business…

Boosting productivity for business travel
Ross Jennings |
Business trips can be challenging, especially when they involve changing hotels regularly and seemingly endless flights. They’re time consuming, costly, and quite frankly exhausting, but at times they are unavoidable and require you to be on top form. Here are five top tips to boost productivity whilst on the road.
8 Tips for Business Travel in China
Ross Jennings |
China is a country that has cannonballed to modernity, and with it has come changes. With improved infrastructure making the whole country increasingly accessible, business travel is easier and even more tempting to the modern Business-person.
Wizz Air
Matt, Bag Wingman |
Low-cost Hungarian carrier Wizz Air has this week announced that it will allow larger carry-on luggage inside the cabins of its aircraft.
easyJet Travel Hacks
Matt, Bag Wingman |
EasyJet is incredibly popular when it comes to flights - and for good reason. Their no-frills flights mean it can be really cheap to fly to wherever you need to go. The problem with “no frills” though is that you can come up against unexpected charges for things that might have been covered by your ticket price with other airlines. Here are our top hacks for getting the most of your EasyJet flight…
Are you ready for the Hands-Free boarding experience? easyJet hands-free explained
Alistair (Chief Bag Carrier) |
easyJet has recently rolled out its Hands-Free service that is designed to help you board faster, reduce your travel stress and arrive on time. Learn more about how the service could help or affect the way you travel.
Matt, Bag Wingman |
Comedy Central duo Key & Peele give You may think that some flight attendants take their job too seriously when they tell you to sit down and fasten your seatbelt. But this sketch from Comedy Central duo, Key & Peele, demonstrates why you should always listen to the flight attendant (chuckle).  
8 Business Travel Tips for the GATE8 Warrior
Ross Jennings, The First Piper |
Here are some truly excellent business travel tips from our ambassador, Ross Jennings (A.K.A The First Piper). Ross is on a quest to play the bagpipes in every country around the world. He travels on business (and leisure / record-breaking) on a regular basis and he's a packing, travel hacks black belt. Ross shares some key knowledge and experience from his travels.
This how we do it... (with Titan Airways)
Matt (Bag Wingman) |
We recently began a partnership to supply crew bags to our good friends at Titan Airways. We sat down with them over a lovely cup of tea, listened to their requirements and then built a range of luggage to suit the needs of their pilots and cabin crew.  The best part was the day we delivered them! Here's the story. 
69 Travel Hacks for EVERY Business Traveller (Last Updated July 22, 2017)
Matt (Bag Wingman) |
We’ve researched and investigated ways to make life on the road easier on the business traveler. We’ve broken down a business trip into 8 areas, and assigned five hacks to each. Use any, all, or any combination of them to make your next business trip you’re best.
A Celtic Musical Adventure
Ross Jennings, GATE8 Ambassador |
This week we follow the exploits of GATE8 Ambassador, Ross Jennings, A.K.A The First Piper as he arrives in Oman to play his bagpipes across the wonderful Omani Grand Canyon. Ross shares his story and experiences as he tours the Middle East.
How to get all the toiletries you need into your hand luggage
GUEST POST: Hayley, Travel Toiletries 2 Go |
As part of our quest for Business Travel Hacks, Hayley from our friends at Travel Toiletries 2 Go gives us her tips on how to breeze through airport security with all your toiletries securely packed and not a care in the world.
GATE8 Lands Titan Airways Partnership
Matt, Bag Wingman |
We are very excited to announce a new partnership with the UK’s most prestigious charter specialist, Titan Airways. The agreement is to supply GATE8 cabin luggage to the entire Titan Airways crew and pilots.
Life on the Road with Joel Lewis: Advice for fellow Business Travellers
Joel Lewis, Road Warrior |
Joel Lewis gives us the lowdown on how he maintains a cool head when travelling around the far reaches of Europe.
Which? report uncovers air traveller's worst nightmare
Matt, Digital Wingman |
The BBC has reported that a survey by Which? of 7,000 travellers found that 1 in 10 travellers was asked to put their cabin luggage in the hold before boarding their flight on Easyjet or Ryanair.

What they found next was far worse...