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5 Travel Accessories You Will Never Need
Matt, Bag Wingman |
Travel accessories can vary hugely in innovativeness, practicality, usability, price and… well… weirdness. We’re all up for trying new things and making investments if it means taking some of the pressure off what can sometimes be the wary and strenuous life of a traveller. However, amongst the pure genius gems are also some stranger wonders to behold.

1. Wearable Luggage

Wearable Luggage

We’re not convinced by the latest feminine trend from Jaktogo. A polyester dress (togo) which boasts 9 pockets altogether and offers travellers the questionable convenience of carrying around their belongings on their person. Now, we can see the sense in having pockets but is it really necessary to have pockets so big that they become the item of clothing itself. Other than weighing you down for the entirety of your journey, it also looks as though you've been shoplifting from duty-free!

2. The Ostrich Pillow

Wearable Luggage

The travel pillow is a well-loved accessory, enabling travellers the world over to get the rest they need and perhaps even some decent shuteye. However, is the ostrich pillow taking things one step too far in the name of a good nights sleep? Made of soft and stretchy material, this pillow-come-balaclava is more like a sock for your entire head complete with holes for breathability. Apart from looking completely ridiculous, we think being cut off from the world in such a way, whilst in public, could be quite disorientating. We’ll stick with our traditional travel pillow for the time being thanks…

3. Inflatable Weights 

Wearable Luggage

Inflatable hangers were on this list, but they lost out big time when we came across inflatable weights. Inflatable hangers now seem like a relatively clever and practical use for an inflatable object. Inflatable weights on the other hand… we struggled to come up with anything even remotely smart about this accessory.

4. Plane Seat Covers

Plane Seat Covers

To all the fashionistas out there, we have found the answer to your plane seat fashion nightmares. Washable and breathable, these fabric seat covers are designed to make your in-flight experience a more stylish one. Sit back and relax in the knowledge that you'll be trendsetting as you travel. Likely scenario?

5. Germ Barriers

Germ Free Bee

Now we all know how easy it is to get sick when you're on the go, sharing germs with all of the other passengers on your flight via the recycled air conditioning is but one of the obvious. However, we can’t quite seem to get our head round these Sani Squares Germ Barriers which aim to keep you from actually having to come into contact with… well, anything. From headrests to handrails and door handles to bathroom countertops, you can now keep yourself safe and germ-free from these unmentionables.

We’re not totally convinced by these weird and not so wonderful items but perhaps you are? We’d love to hear any feedback on your thoughts about these quirky items or perhaps you've even had the chance to experience or own one (or more) of them and think you could change our mind about its usefulness and right of place in the travelling world.


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