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The GATE8 Otters Roller Hockey Team

GATE8 Otters Roller Hockey Team

Our love affair with the Otters first started when their skipper and co-founder, Jared Rosenberg bought his first GATE8 bag on a trip to London back in 2012. Since then, we have stayed in touch, formed a good friendship and exchanged a ton of friendly banter. NYC-based Jared, then introduced us to his roller hockey team he had formed along with his close buddy (some say too close) Tim Menz - The Otters. 

And the rest is history. 

We are huge fans of anything on wheels and we are now the proud sponsors of the GATE8 Otters. Our aim is to support them and fly the flag as they embark on their quest to dominate the ranks of the NYC amateur roller hockey leagues.




Jared Rosenburg - GATE8 Otters

Jared Rosenberg

Manalapan, New Jersey / Florida State University

Jared is the current and longest acting Captain of the Gate8 Otters, a powerhouse in the Manhattan Roller Hockey League. Raised in the cornfields of New York City, Jared grew up living a simple life with his family on the farm but quickly learned he must leave his small community to chase his hockey dream. 

He traveled to the heartland of America to attend Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Playing in the Southeast Division of the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association against the likeness of the University of Miami, Georgia Tech, University of Florida and Coastal Carolina University, Jared learned to be a leader both on the rink and in his professional career. 

Returning to the Northeast in 2012, Jared began working as an Internal Auditor for the global Insurer and Reinsurer, AXIS Capital. Traveling to Dublin, London, Zurich and Bermuda, He stays organised and dressed for success with his Gate8 TriFold Cabin Bag

Perfect for a 3-4 day trip, there is no need to check a bag and deal with the unpleasantness of awaiting baggage at his destination and risk of not being prepared upon arrival. “If I am going to travel, I am going to travel with the least amount of stress as possible,” Jared responded when asked how he felt about traveling as a minimalist. “I travel about once a month either domestically or internationally. I am able to pack a reversible pullover, 2 pants, 4 dress shirts, underwear, socks, running sneakers, 2 shorts and 4 t-shirts without breaking a sweat.” 

When asked what he travels with in his laptop bag, Jared responded “don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.”

Jesse SilverbergJesse Silverberg

Mineola, New York / Baruch College

Jesse was born in Mineola, New York on April 30th 1992. He graduated from Baruch College in May 2015 with a BBA in International Business. He is the Otters youngest player and by far the best looking. Jesse has won most valuable goalie in the division in each of the last two seasons and is renowned as the MRHL's premier goaltender. Jesse speaks Spanish, loves to travel, and has visited every country in Central America as well as Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. 

He likes to eat ice cream and really enjoys a nice pair of slacks.

Our Story - GATE8 Cabin BagsTimothy Menz

Monterey, California / CSU Monterey Bay

Timothy, a California transplant to New York City, is the acting General Manager of the Gate8 Otters as well as player assistant captain during games. He has humble roots from starting his high school roller hockey team in Sacramento, California, and then took his talents to Monterey, California, where he was, once again, the captain of his WCRHL team at California State University Monterey Bay, whose mascot just so happens to be the sea otter. Timothy came to the Gate8 Otters as a free agent after his move across the country, and was instrumental in turning the franchise around. So much in fact the teams very first win came at Tim’s inaugural game by an 8 to 0 margin. In his six season with the Gate8 Otters, he has won Defensimen of the Year and MVP of the playoffs.

When not playing hockey Mr. Menz is the Director of Operations for a technology startup in New York City. He was recently married in March of 2016, to the second love of his life, not named hockey, Camille. They live happily in a 400 sq/ft apartment and have two cats that serve as their surrogate children. 

Ben Robbins GATE8 OttersBen Robbins

Manalapan, New Jersey / Providence College

Ben Robbins is from Manalapan NJ and a graduate from Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft NJ. He then went on to Providence College in Rhode Island,  where he received a business degree in 2009. Currently, he is working at Marsh, a commercial insurance brokerage in New York City, and is in the final semester of his MBA in risk management at St. John's University. 

When he is not working or playing hockey, he spends most of his time with his fiance and two dogs in Jersey City NJ, where they enjoy going to the beach, going on long hikes, or going upstate to visit family. 

One of Ben's best friends is Gate 8 teammate Chris Martino. Ben and Chris grew up together in Manalapan, and also lived with each other in New York City. Ben also serves as Chris' alarm clark being that Chris is also known as "Sleepy Chris".

Patrick Reba GATE8 OttersPatrick Reba

Long Beach, New York / Hofstra University

Patrick holds two degrees one in Business administration and a second Spanish language.  He has spent time studying and living aboard when he attended the University College of Dublin in 2007 and the University of Leon in Spain in 2009.  He currently uses his bilingual skill as an implementation consultant with ADP.  

Neil Leston (Panda Lover)

Middletown, New Jersey / University of Rhode Island

Neil joined the Otters after moving to NYC from Hoboken and has stayed with the team ever since, even after moving to the suburbs of Westchester New York where he drives in for the games each weekend. Neil played hockey throughout his childhood with Otter teammate Steve Valan culminating not with their years playing together for the Middletown South Eagles ice hockey team, but when they achieved the glory of raising the cup as Tier 4 champions.  

Neil started his professional career with S&P as an associate in their rotational development program. After 8 years with the firm, Neil recently took his talents to midtown where he manages index relationships for FTSE Russell for asset managers west of the Mississippi and east of California. 

Neil travels throughout the United States and internationally on a regular basis without a Gate8 luggage bag. He is constantly missing flights and losing luggage due to the increasingly long lines of US security. Don’t be like Neil. Travel responsibly.  

Steve Valan

Red Bank, New Jersey / University of Delaware

Steve serves as a Center for the Gate8 Otters. Raised in central New Jersey, Steve played both roller and ice hockey for most of his life growing up, in a family that had four hockey playing boys. He also spent 3 years with Gate8 Otters teammate Neil Leston as a member of the Middletown High School South Eagles. He attended the University of Delaware, where he majored in Finance and Economics. 

After graduating college, Steve spent three years living in Hoboken and playing for the Angry Beavers in the Hoboken Roller Hockey League, fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends from his high school hockey squad as teammates. He joined the Gate8 Otters in the 2014 Fall Season, after being recruited by recurring teammate Neil Leston. Steve specializes in improving the Gate8 Otters record and making sure the referees understand his viewpoint on their decisions during each and every game.

Josh Aronson

Long Island, New York / Hofstra University

Josh grew up on Long Island, New York and quickly became known on the hockey rink as the guy that got under the refs skin. After high school Josh traveled to the  Arctic Tundra of Buffalo, NY where he represented the University of Buffalo in the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association for 4 seasons.  
Following graduation, Josh took his skills (or lack thereof) to Hofstra University where he played another 2 seasons in the NCRHA while in Law School.  Josh currently lives in New York City with his wife and dog.

Mike Fox

Manalapan, New Jersey / Hofstra University / Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Michael Fox, a/k/a "The Nebraska Guard Dog," started his ferocious defending ways on the rough streets of Old Bridge, New Jersey. Quickly graduating to the smooth streets of Manalapan, New Jersey, Fox was part of a roving group of hockey stick wielding children who went neighbourhood by neighbourhood crushing dreams with pure hockey dominance. Attending college at Hofstra University, Fox played for the Hofstra Roller Hockey team each of his 4 years there and he graduated in 2007 with a business degree.

Fox attended the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law where he translated his defensive hockey skills into a keen ability to defend clients. Fox was one of the early members of the Otters, joining the ranks in 2011. He currently serves as an alternate captain, mainly so the team has a calm, respectful and well spoken person (read: not Steve Valan) help the referees understand the collective viewpoint of the team.

Michael Bialokur

New York, NY / Skidmore College

Mike is one of the "Otter Originals" having been with the team since it's inception in 2012 and plans on being with the team through the twilight of his hockey career. Mike grew up in Queens, NY a hotbed of anything but hockey but became a dual sport athlete in both ice and roller hockey rising to stardom during the 1990s. Although the NHL was tempting, Mike's passion for success brought him to the MRHL in 2008 when it shifted into his backyard, on the Upper East Side and has been with the league ever since. 

He also is one of the "MRHL Legends League Originals", an over 35 men's league started in 2015 where the best of the oldest co-mingle their talents.

Zak Stein

New York, New York / Penn State University

Zak is the newest member of the Gate8 Otters. As part of his “initiation”, he is tasked with ensuring his fellow linemate Patrick Reba remains calm at all times instead of beheading opponents with his stick. When asked how successful he felt he was at this job, Zak simply responded “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

Zak grew up in New York and was born into a die hard New York Rangers family. After attending college at Penn State University where he majored in Supply Chain and Logistics, he witnessed firsthand how savage like Pennsylvania hockey fans can be and he decided it was time to use his college degree and find his fastest route back home. Zak returned to New York to work at Fashion Retailer J.Crew where he did distribution planning and allocation. Over time he worked his way up to help manage international logistics and planning, where he launched J.Crew’s first international retail presence in none other than the home of the great Gate8, the United Kingdom. Since then, Zak has taken his talents to BizSlate, a cloud based ERP solution, where he is the director of Implementations.